Welcome to my cube.

The cube is a Limited Magic: The Gathering format which blends the concept of a "Big Box Draft" (drafting out of a box with every Magic card ever printed) with constructed deckbuilding - Each card is handpicked.

About this cube

This cube is intended for 'booster' drafting and its variants, and can accommodate up to 9 players.

Many iconic cards from Vintage through Standard make this cube a sort of 'Hall of Fame' of Magic. Because the power level of the cards is so high, games 'feel' more like constructed magic than most limited formats.

The architecture of this cube:

55 Cards from each color
- Includes technically colorless cards that are strongly aligned with a color

80 Multicolored Cards
- 10 of each color pair
- Includes Lands

50 Universal Cards
- Includes colorless and all-colored cards
This cube lives in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio